Coogee Public School Learning Powers

At Coogee PS we have five Learning Powers. Learning Powers are way learners engage in and relate to learning process, also known as the ‘Habits of Mind’.

Learning Powers are linked with the ‘Learner’ from our PBL and further develop engagement and deep understanding of the learning process and how to

use the powers to get out of the Learning Pit.


                                                                              Be Brave

  • Trying something new and taking risks in their learning
  • Pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone
  • Sharing ideas with confidence
  • Asking for help and feedback and using it

                                                                              Be Collaborative

  • Working with their learning partner, in a group or as a class
  • Taking turns
  • Being respectful, encouraging and supportive
  • Listening to others
  • Participating in discussions

                                                                              Be Gritty

  • Being Resilient
  • Never Giving up
  • Growing from Mistakes
  • The Power of Yet 
  • Taking on challenges and feedback as a tool to improve learning

                                                                             Be Curious

  • Asking Questions
  • Wondering
  • Investigating new ideas and developing previous ideas
  • Learning new things

                                                                             Be Creative

  • Using different ways to solve a problem or complete a task
  • Thinking outside the box
  • I have my own ideas and can use my imagination
  • Problem solving




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