Coogee Public School is a NSW Government School located in Coogee, NSW. We cater for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 living in Coogee within our catchment zone. Catchment zone information can be found at or contact us on (02) 9315 7255.

Our school is a dynamic school in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and just a short stroll to the magnificent Coogee beach. The school has an excellent reputation within the community with strong academic performance in literacy and numeracy, which is supported by a broad range of educational experiences in sport and active lifestyles, visual and performing arts and environmental sustainability. The parent community has high expectations of the school and are heavily involved in their children’s schooling. The school also has many dual working families with the before/after school care providing for up to 220 students daily. Whilst parents are not always available to support daily activities within the school, they contribute through a range of other endeavours. An active and supportive P&C association works collaboratively with the school to improve learning outcomes for students.

At Coogee Public School, we aim to develop the individual as a resilient, confident and flexible learner. Through strong partnerships with our school community, students engage in a wide variety of experiences to become literate and numerate while demonstrating the abilities to respond independently, collaboratively, reflectively, critically and creatively. In addition, students are self-motivated, well rounded and possess a love of learning. With all of these positive attributes, our students will become respectful, compassionate and happy future citizens when they complete their education at Coogee Public School.

I am very proud to be Principal of Coogee Public School and am excited about the targets all stakeholders have set for our school in our latest plan. We have three clear strategic directions for 2018-2020:

  1. Expert Learners
  2. Evidence-Based Teaching
  3. Collaborative Leadership

If you would like to know more about our school, you can download our ‘Coogee School Plan 2018-2020′.

Also, if you would like to visit our school and see for yourself why we are so proud, our Year 6 ambassadors are happy to take visitors on guided tours. Much has changed over the many years but what remains is our solid community reputation and our place as the main provider of primary education in the Coogee area. In fact, we believe that our school represents the best that Public Education in NSW has to offer. I look forward to you getting to know our school better and look forward to meeting or catching up again with you soon.


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Coogee Public School
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